Tip: Wiping mirrors clean with newspaper won’t leave streaks or lint.

imageI truly don’t understand the attraction of any child under the age of 10 to touch a mirror—and not just once, but touching it over and over again. A mirror is one of the only items that you don’t actually have to touch to use it, so why do it? My kids have never been able to give me any kind of response other than a shoulder shrug or my all-time favorite: “I don’t know.” If you can’t tell, it irritates me.

I am not a fan of mirrors for many reasons, and not being able to get them clean without leaving behind lint residual is one of those many reasons. Yes, when they aren’t reminding me of a new gray hair or wrinkle that has sprouted up overnight, they are in my face saying, “For someone that doesn’t work full-time, you would think your mirrors would at least be sparkling clean.” Yes, I talk back to the mirror, and, no, you don’t want to know my response.

I have tried many different ways of cleaning over the years, even switching from paper towels to rags and cloths and the results are always the same, so you will understand my skepticism when I found this tip from Real Simple.

Tip specifics

Newspapers deposit less lint than paper towels do and don’t leave any streaks. Just spray on a glass cleaner and wipe.

True or bull?

True. Absolutely. What a difference using the newspaper made. I have tried all sorts of cloths and cleaners that I have bought because they are advertised to leave your glass streak-free. None of them were even close to the newspaper results.


Undercover Mother’s revelations

I am impressed, and it takes a lot to impress me; just ask my husband.

While cleaning the glass, be careful with the newspaper on the surrounding surfaces. I wasn’t aware, it being my first time, and ended up having to clean the newsprint off the wall that the mirror was anchored on. Yes, your hands are going to get a bit dirty, but get over it and wash them in the sink that is probably no more than 12 inches away from the mirror you just polished. Or, you could always just wear gloves. It’s worth the results.